Things that a locksmith does not want you know

In the past days, if one employee has a key of your office or building and then he leaves the job it was a standard practice to re-keying the office or building from the locksmith city.  There are many reasons why you need to re-keying your office or home. The first reason to do this is for the peace of mind.

It is very important to re-key your home or office as in this market, many contractors may have gained access to your home or office with the lockbox key. As you never know that a city locksmith might can have a criminal purpose and can and make duplicates of the keys which can be a bad news for you.

A card access control system is not only for the big companies. Small companies and mid-size companies are also installing this card access system. They understand the need to be limiting their access of their buildings and for this they are installing card access control system. It is a system that enables an authorized person who can control the access resources and areas in a given computer based information system or physical facility. Generally it is seen that the security system as the first layer and the card access system is the second layer of the security in the office or building.

People use card access system every day and they usually do not think about it. Some people forgot to hire a locksmith city and their appliances and personal electronics like laptop can be stolen. A car door lock is a form of access control system. The pin number on your online banking account or an ATM machine is another means to control access system. It is very important as people seek to secure confidential, sensitive information, and important equipment’s.

Physical control access is a matter of when, who and where. A card access control system that determines who will enter or exit, when they will enter or exit and where they will enter or exit. In the early days these were accomplished through locks and keys, but now the keyed locked system is going to the way of eight track tapes.

This system uses computers so to solve the limitations of mechanical keys and locks. A broad range of key fobs or cards known as credentials can be used for replacing the mechanical keys. Based on the credential presented the system grants the access. After granting the access, the door gets unlocked for some time and it also records the transaction. But if the access is refused, then the door remains locked and closed and the attempted access gets recorded. This card access control system will monitor the door and ring an alarm if the door is held open for long or forced open after being unlocked.

The card access control system can control hundreds doors or one door that is spread across many buildings from one centralized location. It will control if the buildings are situated in different cities over the world. There are now new hosted access control systems which make card access control system more affordable as they do not require any on-site card processing equipment. Over the internet everything is processed.

Many people just think to replace the keys, but replacing the keys can be quite difficult, expensive and even time consuming. So, re-keying is an inexpensive and safe option instead of replacing it. City Locksmith also offers to change the current locking system with a new system.

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